Recovering Failure Inc.

   Dele Olaewe, a local business owner of Cure Sports, LLC – an apparel decoration company, came up with the idea and concept for Small for small Inc. after numerous rejections from many financial institutions including government run programs due to poor credit status.
  Hearing about other small businesses in similar situations Mr. Olaewe decided to create a solution. Mr. Olaewe found out that every profit made on an order had to be spent in many ways as part of reinvestment. Even depleted office supplies are hard to replenish and often have to be less prioritized over other pressing needs. Mr Olaewe also noticed that some of his customers were in the same
situation which made it more difficult to buy branding apparel as they put it on low priority despite knowing how necessary it is. There’s always a need for small business items that are essential to
Cure Sports growth and if those items could be obtained for free or donated it would allow reinvestment in other high priority business needs.

This situation led Mr. Olaewe to determine that if he can donate some of his extra apparel to other struggling small businesses to help with their branding cost, it would allow them to buy it while still fulfilling other bill payment or reinvestment. And that if his small company can afford to donate his excesses, other bigger and thriving businesses can do the same. As a determined entrepreneur, dedicated to the success of his small business, Mr. Olaewe had to take on a full time 3rd shift employment to subsidize and maintain his company, a task many other struggling small business owners take to making their businesses a success. Talking to many of these small businesses while prospecting, Mr. Olaewe finds that there’s a need for donated business items that would be useful and helpful to the business bottom line.


At Small for small Inc, we know how busy you are trying to make your business succeed. Instead of having to learn every business task yourself, why not focus on what you do best in your business and leave the rest to us? We have access to a variety of trained professionals available through our referral resources who are happy to help take the load off your shoulders so you can focus on building your business. The main goal of Small for small Inc is to help small local, unfunded, underfunded and or struggling businesses with needed donated items from bigger and thriving local businesses and as part of one business village dedicated to helping each other succeed. We also offer free donated small business items along with a number of different business referral services, including back office management, accounting and bookkeeping assistance, business writing for business plans, reports and templates, marketing and advertising services, mentoring with high-level executives, and many more. To discuss your needs and see how we can help, contact us today here or call (570)239-5785.


Welcome to Recovering Blessings, a dba of Small for small Inc.

To provide the opportunities and resources that will enable Unfunded and Underfunded businesses to prosper through Free donated business items, support services and referrals, networking, collaboration and advocacy.


To be the leading membership small business organization that connects many of the very small businesses to foster opportunity, development and growth in their communities.
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