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Dele Olaewe


Carlos H. Salguero

Board Member

Ademola Toriola

Board Member

Shade Tosan

Board Member



Mr. Dele Olaewe is the founder of Small for Small Inc. (formally Recovering Failure inc.) A naturalized American Citizen who came to the US in 1981 as a student. He graduated from Alabama A&M University in 1985. Worked in the Printing Industry in Dallas Texas after graduation for a few years. Mr. Olaewe and was accepted into the Graduate Program for Printing Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York and studied there from 1988 -1989.

Mr. Olaewe worked for a few printing companies up until 2012 when he was laid off from one of the prominent printing company in America due to the nation’s economic downturned. Mr. Olaewe used the situation to start his own apparel company (Cure Sports, LLC), a company he’s still owns and manage, located in Reading, PA.



A successful entrepreneur, has always been a driven and diligent person. He was raised in Guatemala but due to political upheaval in his native country, he decides to migrate to United States 31 years ago, this journey was torturous and long and he encountered numerous obstacles and risks along the way. With few resources and continual danger, Carlos was determined to cross the border and in search of employment and a fresh start. As Carlos grew accustomed to his surroundings, he found jobs and began to learn English language. Carlos believed in America dream, where a person background did not matter, so long as they put in hard work towards achieving their dreams. Today Carlos and his family are proud owner of Russo’s pizzeria and Italian Restaurant in Reading, Berks County PA.



From his broad experience at Retail management, Mr. Toriola brings to the board expertise relevant to the organization, including financial reporting and strategic planning, as well as his knowledge, perspective and corporate governance expertise. These skills and experience are the result of his long and successful career during which he served in several leadership positions, including project manager at Verizon Wireless. Occupation: Mental Health Independent Analyst Education: BS Marketing, Alabama A&M University Other Background: Members of American Marketing Association, Manager Verizon Wireless, Manager Rite Aid Corporation and Analyst for Army Airforce Exchange Service.



Olubunmi Shade Tosan, a paralegal with B.A English, Christian and mother of 4. Affiliations Eko Club international, Social Secretary, Eko Club Ohio, founding president, Eko Club Austin Texas. Strong belief in charity and helping others in need. Problem solver, dedicated and persistent hard worker.
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